Long Term Care


What do I need to do to sell Long Term Care Insurance?
As an agent you need to be Life and Health licensed, and in certain states you also need to have the LTC (Long Term Care) 8 hour certification. Please refer to the Producers Group LTC Continuing Education Section of the website for further details regarding additional individual state requirements.

How do I get illustrations and applications once I have been certified to sell LTC?
Please contact our LTC Sales Division at the Producers Group at 888-859-5764 or email us at [email protected]. We can provide the necessary applications and applicable forms by either mail or email. For illustrations we have for your convenience a user friendly Illustration Request form that can be obtained on our LTC Forms and Applications Section of the Producers Group website, or if you prefer we can make available the software download instructions.

The application must be submitted within 30 days of the signing date with all carriers regardless if there is money with the application or not.

Do I have to submit money with the application?
In CA, most carriers require one month’s premium. In states other than CA, two months premium is required.

Can my client pay by credit card?
Some carriers allow for the initial deposit to be paid by credit card. Please contact the LTC Sales division (888-859-5764) for questions.




When can I expect my override commission from TPG?
We request that you allow up to 30 business days upon receipt of GA compensation for our department to process and mail commissions. Please feel free to use the Request Info section to request for an override status.

Do you offer Direct Deposit on overrides from TPG?
Currently we do not offer this option. Overrides must be via paper check.

How do I get set up for Direct Deposit for the carrier portion?
Not all carriers offer Direct Deposit as an option, however for those who do please go to the Pay Out Information section. If the carrier name is a link, click the name to download the form. Fax or email the completed form along with a copy of a voided check and we will submit your completed form to the carrier for processing.

I don’t see the commission info on the product I am interested in on the compensation grid. How do I determine my compensation payout?
We only list the more common product used by that carrier. Please contact the commissions department for compensation details.

I’m interested in doing an internal conversion or replacement. What is my commission?
Replacements and conversions may not receive full compensation from the carriers. This is dependent on the carrier, how long the old policy has been in force, what is the product being replaced, and what is the replacement product. Please contact the commissions department and provide as much detail as possible in order to determine the appropriate compensation.


Contracts & Licensing


Do I need to do AML?
Yes. You can complete the AML requirement via LIMRA. The link to the LIMRA is provided below


Will all of the carriers be notified once I complete the AML training program?
The carriers will only be notified if you selected the carrier and completed the carriers specific requirements.

I forgot my password. Who can I contact?
You can contact LIMRA at (866) 364-2380

Can I submit business prior to being appointed?
Carriers vary in their requirements regarding Restrictive vs. Non Restrictive States. Please refer to the State Requirement section for general requirements regarding a particular state.

Can the appointment forms be faxed or do you need originals?
Most carriers will accept faxed copies of the appointment contracts. The only exception at this time is New York Life.

What is the average processing time?
The average processing time is 7-10 business days. However, the majority of carrier will not process the appointment until the agent submits their 1st piece of business through our agency.

Why do I need to complete new contracting paperwork when I am already appointed with the carrier?
In order to submit business through a particular Agency, carriers require that each agent be properly appointed with the agency in the State that business is to be transacted. However, in order to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete appointment paperwork, you can complete our online appointment process, SureLC. Simply, use the link below to begin your appointment process.